The Basics of Employing People in China and the UK (Part One)

An exclusive series focusing on the basics of employment in China and the UK.

In the first introductory videos, Legal Advisory Manager at Dezan Shira & Associates, Donfil Huang, and Partner at Laytons, Nicholas Lakeland, share introductory legal knowledge around employing foreigners in China and the UK. Foreign entities operating in China and the UK must understand the basics of employing foreigners to ensure overall compliance.



How an entrepreneurial mindset can boost your career

What is an entrepreneurial mindset?

Although research has acknowledged that an entrepreneurial mindset has various facets, a universal definition does not exist. But according to a US study from 2021, entrepreneurs are generally creative, autonomous, and persistent.



Manufacturing in Vietnam: Key Labor Concerns and How to Optimize Your HR Strategy

Vietnam Briefing discusses key labor concerns for businesses in the manufacturing industry, particularly as the country opens up and businesses look to actively recruit labor to meet production targets. With manufacturing taking the lead in FDI investment, we look at how businesses can be competitive using efficient HR strategies.

Among the advantages of choosing Vietnam as an investment destination, it would be remiss not to mention Vietnam’s abundant workforce and competitive labor cost. However, the current growing labor demand in manufacturing companies may also raise concerns for businesses interested in setting up their manufacturing hubs in the country.



Why business ethics should be at the heart of every company

What is the rationale for investing in business ethics?

1. Internal: a transparent, authentic, and value-based company culture improves morale. When employees experience daily that business ethics is taken seriously and not just an empty phrase, they will be more involved.

2. External: positive customer relationships lead to a better reputation and a stronger brand – which not only impacts business, but also recruitment. 




Automating HR Functions and Digital Skilling: Top HR Tech Trends in India

In the next year, over 27 million Indians or about seven percent of the Indian workforce will need digital skills training as technology impacts the way jobs are performed. This will accelerate ongoing changes to the way human resource (HR) functions are performed within the organization and to meet business deliverables. We briefly discuss the growth of the HR Tech market in this article and list some of the top HR Tech trends expected in India in 2022.



Assessing Vietnam’s Labor Market and Payroll Considerations

Vietnam has one of ASEAN’s largest labor markets, whose strength is approximately 56 million people, and with a labor participation rate of 76 percent. Due to the developing nature of the workforce in Vietnam, it is natural that there exists some difficulty in finding highly skilled employees — only 12 percent of Vietnam’s workforce are considered highly skilled.



Lithuania allows refugees from Ukraine to start work immediately

The Lithuanian Minister of the Interior has issued a decree that eases the conditions of employment for people who have fled Ukraine.

Ukrainian citizens, their family members and stateless persons residing in Ukraine who have left Ukraine for Lithuania no longer have to obtain a work permit or wait for a decision by the Lithuanian Labour Agency (Užimtumo tarnyba) on compliance of the foreigner’s work with the needs of the Lithuanian labour market.



What is the Status of India’s Four New Labor Codes?

What is the implementation status of the four labor codes in India?

It is speculated that the four labor codes are likely to be implemented in the next financial year, that is FY 2022-23, once all the states have finalized the draft rules.

As on January 2022, 26 States/Union Territories (UTs) have pre-published the draft rules under the Code on Wages, 22 States/UTs under Industrial Relations Code, 20 States/UTs under Code on Social Security, and 17 States/UTs under the Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code.



Human Resources and Payroll in China 2022 – New Publication from China Briefing

This special edition of HR and Payroll, updated for 2022, navigates China’s newest laws and regulations related to HR and payroll management – essential information for foreign investors looking to establish or already running a foreign-invested entity in China

Human Resources & Payroll in China 2022 (9th Edition) covers the following:



Polish Deal”: A revolution in personal taxation

Monika Spotowska, Associate Partner, Rödl & Partner, Warsaw

To make things easier for taxpayers, new tax benefits have been added to the Income Tax Act, including tax exemptions for families with at least four children, employed seniors, and people relocating to Poland. The new benefits are modeled on the so-called relief for the young, i.e. those up to the age of 26, already known in the Polish tax system. The income tax exemption is up to 85,528 zloty per year. 



Recruitment is a challenging task

Shortage of labour is one of the defining characteristics of the Polish labour market today. This applies equally to all job categories. 

Typical vacancies include managing directors, plant managers, finance directors, sales managers or production-related management personnel. We look for candidates with experience in international companies who can integrate into multinational structures. Such candidates are practically never unemployed but must be identified and approached in their current positions. Good candidates have many options in Poland, so companies have to woo them with attractive conditions and promotion opportunities.



Germany and Poland have proven to be a crisis-resistant duo

Dr. Lars Gutheil, Executive Board Member, German-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Poland)

How is the German economy represented in Poland? How are they supported by the AHK?

Over 5,000 German companies are active in Poland. Many of these companies have recently expanded their production facilities or are planning corresponding investments. It is noticeable that the activities are becoming more and more sophisticated

For example, Robert Bosch is planning a new production line for modern brake systems in Mirków. ZF has invested in a new manufacturing facility for electronic components in Częstochowa. Bayer has expanded its presence with a tech hub in Warsaw, which currently houses over 400 IT experts.



An Expat's Russia Virtual Summit 2022

An Expat's Russia Virtual Summit

Join the 2022 Virtual Russia Summit organised by An Expat's Russia to hear what leading experts have to say about doing business in the country.

Russia's leading professionals will shed more light on what you need to do to make it in Russia's high paced environment. 

Speakers include:

With over 20 live sessions, you'll learn more about:

  • Tech Investment Opportunities in Russia
  • Current HR trends and executive recruitment
  • Visas, residence permits, immigration
  • Setting up and running a business in Russia
  • Taxation and social benefits

Event details: here

Registration: here


Doing Business in China 2022

Doing Business in China 2022 is designed to introduce the fundamentals of investing in China. Compiled by the professionals at Dezan Shira & Associates, this comprehensive guide is ideal not only for businesses looking to enter the Chinese market, but also for companies who already have a presence here and want to keep up-to-date with the most recent and relevant policy changes.

Topics covered include:



Romania: Visas for digital nomads in Romania

Ranked 3rd in the Digital Nomad Index for the attractiveness of working remotely, Romania has joined a growing list of countries offering so-called digital nomad visas for foreigners working remotely. This is due to the entry into force of Law no. 22 of 14 January 2022, which amends and supplements GEO no. 194/2002 on the regime for foreigners in Romania.




Christian Tegethoff, Founder and Managing Director, CT Executive Search

Christian Tegethoff, takes a close look at executive search in Russia, shedding more light on:

  1. Current HR trends
  2. Remuneration packages for expatriates
  3. Salary differences between Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Russian regions
  4. The Ideal Candidate



Russian E-Commerce Online Sales Increased 40% In 2021

Russia is the world’s ninth largest e-commerce market and has plenty of room for growth

Russia’s leading e-commerce companies have announced impressive results for 2021 — continuing their rapid growth since the start of the coronavirus pandemic even as traditional brick-and-mortar shops had fully reopened.  Russia’s online retail market expanded by 40% over the year, according to preliminary estimates by Infoline. Market leaders Wildberries, Nasdaq-listed Ozon, and the international platform AliExpress Russia all significantly overperformed.



New “home office law package” in Hungary

Working from home in Hungary

The updated rules on teleworking in the Labor Code will cover both full-time and part-time work from home. 

With regard to teleworking with their own working equipment, in their own home and using their own resources (heating, electricity, Internet etc.), the Personal Income Tax Act has been extended to include a new form of payment which is exempt from personal income tax: the so-called “lump sum cost reimbursement”. 



Baltic Business Brochure

The bnt Baltic Business Brochure provides information about upcoming investment projects in the Baltic States

With offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, bnt attorneys in CEE covers this region in all relevant areas:

  • business law, including corporate/M&A
  • commercial and contract law
  • litigation and arbitration
  • tax and administrative/procurement



Philippines Introduces New Economic Zone Authority Visa for Foreigners

In November 2021, the Philippines Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) introduced a new work visa for foreigners who are sponsored to work in the Philippines by companies registered with PEZA.

Under the new PEZA visa, foreign investors and workers must now obtain a PEZA visa in lieu of 47(a)(2) visas. The PEZA applications are processed within 10 business days (from the previous time of 1 month) and the visa is valid for up to two years with the option of renewing once for another two years, for a maximum validity period of four years.



An Introduction to Doing Business in India 2022

Doing Business in India 2022 is designed to introduce the fundamentals of investing in India. Compiled by the professionals at Dezan Shira & Associates in December 2021, this comprehensive guide is ideal not only for businesses looking to enter the Indian market, but also for companies who already have a presence here and want to keep up to date with the most recent and relevant policy changes.

Doing Business in India 2022 covers the following:

  • Corporate Establishment
  • India’s Investment Climate
  • Tax, Audit, and Accounting
  • Human Resources and Payroll



ASEAN Talent and HR Compensation Benchmarking

As the fifth largest economy in the world — the quality of human resources is a vital ingredient to sustain the development and competitiveness of ASEAN member states.

This issue of the ASEAN Briefing magazine, provides an overview of current talent availability in ASEAN, and future factors that will impact human resource development in the region.



An Introduction to Doing Business in ASEAN 2022

ASEAN is home to more than 600 million people (larger than the EU and North America) and has the third-largest labor force behind India and China

This publication is designed to introduce the fundamentals of investing in all ten ASEAN countries and includes a guide to corporate establishment, tax advisory, and bookkeeping, in addition to HR and payroll, double tax agreements, and audit and compliance.



The Real Cost of a Bad Hire

Marcus Honkanen, Founder, Nordic Minds

Not everyone who doesn’t meet the set expectations within their first week can be categorized as a bad hire. Nor should they be. A learning curve and adaption are part of the onboarding process and growth.

A truly bad hire, however, emerges as someone who has a negative impact on productivity, performance, culture, and people within the organization. At worst, they engage in harmful behavior and negatively affect their surroundings. In short: they become toxic and quick action is needed.



How to view Covid-19 within the context of employment relationships in the Czech Republic

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrust employers into a frightfully complicated situation. The number of infected individuals has been steadily on the rise, and the extraordinary measures implemented by the executive are fast-paced and ever-changing. A clear legal framework for the protection of health at workplaces is missing. All these things form the backdrop of most employers’ “new normal”. This article provides an overview of selected legal institutions which may help alleviate employers’ burden associated with the organization of work under the current circumstances.