Sales Manager

Position: Sales Manager

Country: Romania

Location: Bucharest

Industry: IT & software

Client: Western European company


Chief Data Officer

Position: Chief Data Officer

Country: Lebanon

Location: Beirut

Industry: Construction

Client: Pan-Arab company in the construction industry

Sales Manager

Position: Sales Manager

Country: Poland

Location: Warsaw

Industry: IT/ software

Client: North European mid-sized company

Internal Auditor

Position: Internal Auditor

Country: Ukraine

Location: Kiev

Industry: Construction materials

Client: European corporation

General Manager

Position: General Manager

Country: Russia

Location: Moscow 

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Client: International group of companies

General Manager

Position: General Manager

Country: Russia

Location: Moscow

Industry: Mechanical engineering

Client: Western European medium-sized company

Plant Controller

Position: Plant Controller

Country: Russia

Location: Republic of Tatarstan

Industry: Automotive supplier

Client: International mid-sized company

Supply Chain Manager

Position: Supply Chain Manager

Country: Russia

Location: Central Russia

Industry: Automotive 

Client: International supplier

Human Resources Manager

Position: Human Resources Manager

Country: Russia

Location: Moscow region

Industry: Industrial supplier

Client: German mid-sized company

The opportunities listed in this section represent a selection of our current mandates.