Eastern Europe and the Emerging Markets are Our Business

CT Executive Search specializes in management recruitment in Eastern Europe and the emerging markets. We assist international companies with assigning their key positions in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, the Gulf Region including Iran as well as in Russia and the other successor states of the Soviet Union, such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

We assign C-level positions in subsidiaries and representative offices in Eastern Europe and the emerging markets. Typical positions are those of Managing Director, Country Manager, Sales Director, CFO and Plant Manager. CT Executive Search works for pure sales organizations, but also for companies that maintain or establish a production site in the respective target country.


Our Moscow-based research team works with a stand-by network of experienced freelancers and local business consultants. These can be involved depending on the individual assignment.

Most of the positions we work report directly into European or American company headquarters. Our task is to place candidates who are qualified to work successfully in the respective target country while at the same time being able to integrate themselves in a multinational company with its specific requirements regarding compliance and reporting.


Eastern Europe & Emerging Markets: Cross-Industrial Approach

Services CT Emerging Markets

Our client structure varies depending on the target country. Most of our assignments in Eastern Europe and the emerging markets are in the areas of machine building, EPC, construction, automotive, healthcare, energy and consumer goods.

Candidate Access and Research Capability

You are interested in senior recruitment in Eastern Europe or the emerging markets? Companies benefit from our executive search expertise and our direct access to local candidates in Eastern Europe, Russia / CIS and the Middle East, including Iran. In addition, CT Executive Search has access to a large pool of expatriates who live and work in Asia, Russia, the Middle East and Africa.

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