Executive Search in the Emerging Markets

CT Executive Search: Assigning Key Positions in the Emerging Markets

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CT Executive Search specializes in senior recruitment in the emerging markets, leveraging its proprietary research capacities in Moscow and a network of partners and freelancers in

  • Asia
  • Russia and the other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union
  • Turkey, Iran and the Gulf Region
  • North Africa.

We usually assign positions that report directly into the European or American company headquarters. Our core competence is placing candidates who are able to work successfully in the target country while at the same being able to integrate into multinational corporate structures.


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Christian Tegethoff

Christian Tegethoff
Managing Director

Phone Numbers:

  Phone Germany: +49 30 2408 3401
  Phone Russia: +7 499 678 2111


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Executive Search - Website CT

Your company is interested in executive search the emerging markets? We assist companies with assigning senior positions in Asia, Russia and the neighbouring countries, Iran, Turkey, North Africa and the Gulf Region. 

Our services include: 

Where we work

CT Executive Search works in Russia/CIS, India, Southeast Asia, North Africa, Iran, the Gulf Region and China, supporting companies with recruiting executive talent into their international key positions.