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Issue April 2018 - Russia

"Opportunties despite turbulence"

Interview - Opportunities for Expatriates in Russia

Interview - Economic Prospects in Russia

Interview - Services of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce


United Arab Emirates: Growth Through Diversification?

Interview: “Economic Diversification is Essential”
Interview: “VAT Introduction is Administrative Challenge”
Interview: “Candidates Consider the Emirates an Attractive Location”


Issue January 2018 - Ukraine

"Ukraine: Economic growth provides opportunities"

INTERVIEW: "Waiting on the sidelines can be expensive"
ANALYSIS: "Current trends on the Ukrainian Labor Market"
ANALYSIS: "Alumni database: Achieving success with fresh forces"



Cover Newsletter CT Executive Search Eastern Europe

Issue December 2017 - Eastern Europe

"Sales in Eastern Europe"

INTERVIEW: "Great openness for new ideas and solutions"
INTERVIEW: "We must work on value system and team spirit"
INTERVIEW: "Candidate selection should focus on personality"


Cover Newsletter CT Executive Search Thailand

Issue November 2017 - Thailand

"Thailand - Gateway to ASEAN"

INTERVIEW: "German products enjoy excellent reputation"
INTERVIEW: "Companies should produce in Thailand"
ANALYSIS: "Developments on the Thai executive market"


Cover Newsletter CT Executive Search Russia

Issue October 2017 - Russia

"Russia - Getting ready for growth"

INTERVIEW: "Companies are buying for all they are worth for"
INTERVIEW: "Poor road infrastructure is an important factor"
INTERVIEW: "We expect sustained demand for sales-related specialists"


Cover Newsletter CT Executive Search Iran

Issue September 2017 - Iran

"Getting started in Iran"

INTERVIEW: "Economic growth will be tangible next year"
INTERVIEW: "Many industries still lack the serious international players"
ANALYSIS: "Labour market provides investment backwind"


Cover Newsletter CT Executive Search Gulf Region

Issue Summer 2017 - Gulf Region

"Dubai & UAE - Gateway to the Gulf Region?"

INTERVIEW: "Business enviroment differs from european standards"
INTERVIEW: "Those who live in Dubai know the world"
ANALYSIS: "Executive Search on the Arabian Peninsula"


Cover Newsletter CT Executive Search Russia

Issue June 2017 - Russia

"Between Turmoil and Boom: The Russian Executive Market"



Cover Newsletter CT Executive Search Emerging Markets

Issue May 2017 - Emerging Markets

"Executive Search in the Emerging Markets"

INTERVIEW: "Suitable candidates can be found in every country"
INTERVIEW: "Russians make quick decisions"


Cover Newsletter CT Executive Search Russia

Issue April 2017 - Russia

"Russia: Business success through localization"

INTERVIEW: "Amount of special investment contracts speaks for existing interest"
ANALYSIS: "Companies still need to invest a lot in education"


Cover Newsletter CT Iran

Issue March 2017 - Iran

"Iran: From euphoria to realism"

INTERVIEW: "European quality and technology are highly valued in Iran"
ANALYSIS: "Sales Managers wanted!"
OVERVIEW: "Iran: Opportunities in spite of uncertainty"


Cover Newsletter CT Executive Search Russia

Issue February 2017 - Russia

"Russia: Good times for investors"

INTERVIEW: "The impact of the Eurasian Economic Union has so far been limited"
ANALYSIS: "Labour market provides for backwind"
INTERVIEW: "Local governments pay close attention to investors in the region"


Cover Newsletter CT Executive Search Recruitment

Issue January 2017 - Recruitment

"Management Recruitment in international sales"

OVERVIEW: "Assignment of management positions in international sales"
INTERVIEW: "You need to bee extrovert rather than introvert"



Issue December 2016 - Gulf Region

"Gulf Region: A paradise for Expatriates?"

OVERVIEW: "Executive Search in the Gulf Region"
ANALYSIS: "Legal Regulations for Expatriates"


Issue November 2016 - Iran

"Iran: Boom with obstacles"

INTERVIEW: "The intention to reform is noticeable"
INTERVIEW: "Payment transactions are one of our most important services"
INTERVIEW: "Come and visit the country and teh people!"
OVERVIEW: "Consulting Services for the iranian market"


Issue October 2016 - Emerging Markets

"Emerging Markets: Expatriate or local manager?"

ANALYSIS: "Emerging Markets: Expatriate or local manager?"
OVERVIEW: "In & out: Global Expatriate trends"
INTERVIEW: "Curiosity made me come to Russia"


Issue Summer 2016 - Iran

"Living an working in Iran"

INTERVIEW: "Here in Iran it is important to show things on your own example"
INTERVIEW: "Iranians remind me Italiens in terms of temperament"
INTERVIEW: "Iran is completely different in terms of commerce"
INTERVIEW: "Pride and family are of utmost importance in the East"


Issue May 016 - Russia

"Import substitutionen - Opportunity or challenge"

INTERVIEW: "We have to get used to new normal"
INTERVIEW: "Import substitution is a positive trend for Russia"
INTERVIEW: "Technology transfer against market shares"


Issue March 2016 - Iran

"Entering the iranian market"

OVERVIEW: "Distributor or subsidiary?"
ANALYSIS: "Executive recruitment in Iran"
ANALYSIS: "Market entry consulting and distributor search in Iran"


Issue February 2016 - Central Asia

"Target market Central Asia"

INTERVIEW: "Closer collaboration is necessary among the five states of the region"
INTERVIEW: "Mongolia - The upgrading need is immense"
ANALYSIS: "Selection of senior staff in Central Asia"



Issue November 2015 - Russia

"Basic conditions for investing in Russia"

ANALYSIS: "Open arms and reduced costs: Investors feel fair wind"
INTERVIEW: "Investment decisions are now based on opportunities to utilize low factor costs"


Issue September 2015 - China

"Executive recruitment in the Chinese provinces"

INTERVIEW: "Mobility in China is inherently low"
ANALYSIS: "Drafting of employment contracts in China"


Issue Summer 2015 - China

"Doing business in China: Intercultural challenges"

INTERVIEW: "The best things to to do is to show interest in a different culture"
INTERVIEW: "I understand well how the germans work"
INTERVIEW: "The biggest challenge was creating a relaxed but productive atmosphere"
INTERVIEW: "I don't think that we should split people into different cultural groups"
INTERVIEW: "The culture is always the biggest challenge"


Issue June 2015 - Russia

"Russian import substitution: Impacts and options for action"

OVERVIEW: "Import substitution demands new business-models"
OVERVIEW: "Some industries obviously benefit from sanctions"
INTERVIEW: "Cooperation with Europeans would be more beneficial for the russian economy"
INTERVIEW: "Manufacture localization means a priority to us"


Issue May 2015 - Russia

"International specialists in Russian companies"

INTRODUCTION: "Russia: International Experts are in demand"
INTERVIEW: "We have very good experience in hiring foreign specialists"
INTERVIEW: "International specialists can improve organisations"
INTERVIEW: "You have to be curious and patient"
INTERVIEW: "The decision-making processes in russian companies are different"


Issue April 2015 - China

"Trends in China's HR market

INTERVIEW: "Chinese personnel market: No "cooling-off" in sight"
OVERVIEW: "Practical tips for foreign investors"


Issue March 2015 - Russia

"Salary negotiations in turbulent times"



Issue February 2015 - Expatriates

"Career transitions for expatriates"

ANALYSIS: "Expatriates: Experts and cultural mediators"
INTERVIEW: "How does career consulting work for expatriates who are "willing to return"?"




Issue November/December 2014 - Ukraine

"Opportunities in the crisis"

INTERVIEW: "The opportunities in Ukraine are manifold"
INTERVIEW: "We hope for a quick solution to the political crisis"
ANALYSIS: "Customs valuation rules impacting importation of foreign.made googs into Ukraine: Nuances and pitfalls"
ANNOUNCEMENT: "Hannes Shariputra Chopra joins CT as Senior Advisor"