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Working on foreign markets beyond the European Union is complicated. Volatile demand, exchange rate fluctuations, and bureaucracy are familiar challenges, as well as sanctions and protectionist measures. Countries such as the UAE, India, and Ukraine, therefore, require a continuous adaptation of business models.

A lot of questions arise especially during market entry. Can the market be effectively served by importers and dealers? Which partners are suitable? Is it worth setting up a representative office in the country? Does localization make sense, and if so, what will it look like in concrete terms?

Very few small and medium size companies have the internal resources to create an appropriate market entry and development strategy.

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In this situation, companies often resort to consulting firms. Their strength lies in data collection and preparation, but their recommendations for action are often generic. The practical implementation remains with the company.

Working with an external industry expert on a contract basis is an alternative to engaging the services of a consulting firm. The highly skilled independent consultant is aware of the concrete business environment of the respective company from his own insider experience - for example, due to previous work for a competitor, a relevant distributor, or a company from the target industry.

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Such a highly skilled independent consultant is well set to quickly conduct a well-founded analysis and develop a realistic action plan. This consultant can also manage the implementation if the company so desires.

CT Executive Search specializes in the placement of suitable independent consultants to assist companies in special situations – e.g. when entering into or restructuring within foreign markets.

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