CT Executive Search: Advisory Board Appointments for challenging markets

Doing business in India, the CIS or China can be challenging for small and medium-sized companies. Keeping up with the constant changes in the regulatory area and the overall economy is not easy. With local subsidiaries often being small, their management is usually deeply absorbed in day-to-day business and lacking the resources to focus on strategic issues.

Advisory boards as coaches for local management

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In such a constellation, installing a local or regional advisory board makes sense. The advisors - experienced managers from relevant industries - support the local management by providing a “bird's eye view”, acting as coaches for the regular board. With their market knowledge derived from long-standing experience, the advisors help to avoid costly mistakes and to identify the direct route to the goal.

A skilled advisory board can also provide their contact network to establish and maintain relationships with customers and other stakeholders. Well-known names help to increase the company's visibility and improve its image. This benefits the interaction with existing and potential customers, government bodies and guarantees a strategic approach to market development.

Intercultural bridge builders

As trusted and well-reputed advocates for their respective markets, these advisors provide a solid understanding of a local market’s specifics at the corporate headquarters. In doing so, the advisory board supports country management in performing its intercultural bridging function.

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