CT Executive Search Places Managers in India

India is a major export market for many international companies in the investment and consumer goods sectors. At the same time, the country is developing into a manufacturing hub where international companies produce both for the rapidly growing domestic market and the global market. Indian companies have emerged into leading positions in some industries, such as IT and pharmaceuticals.

Assigning Key Positions in India

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CT Executive Search supports international companies with assigning management positions in India.

Working closely with our partners in New Delhi and Bangalore enables us to analyze the local candidate market thoroughly.

In addition to the professional qualifications, the intercultural match of candidates is of great importance in India. Candidates are usually assessed by an Indian and a European consultant to make sure candidates fit both the local and the respective corporate culture.

CT Executive Search has also access to an extensive network of expatriates who either currently live in India or worked in the country before. In India, we mainly work for companies from the engineering, consumer goods, retail and automotive industries.

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