CT Executive Search: Assigning Export-Related Positions

For most European manufacturing companies, foreign markets such as China, Russia / CIS, the Middle East or Eastern Europe are important customers for their products. Consequently, recruiting the right candidates for export-related positions is of great importance for these companies’ success.

CT Executive Search assists companies with identifying and recruiting International Sales Directors, Area Sales Managers and Regional Sales Managers. We also assign positions in export-related controlling.

Identifying Candidates

Services CT export-related positions

Based on our pan-European networks, we have access to candidates who are suitable for working in international sales and controlling. We also identify candidates by direct search and, if appropriate, through advertising campaigns.

We Know the Skills Required in International Business

Doing international business requires a high degree of intercultural competence. We know what skills candidates require to thrive in an international business context and take them into account during pre-selection.

We typically assign export-related positions for companies in the machine-building and construction-related sectors, as well as in consumer goods and healthcare.

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